With a Daily updated database, as well as a network of real-time alerts from other Guardians, it’s the more reliable Timer App for Destiny.

And it’s also the most beautiful, with gorgeous graphics, UI animations and diagrammatic maps for every planet, to help you find the way to the nearest event.

In addition to predicting Public Events, you can also check the current Weekly & Daily Missions (with modifiers and rewards), when the Vendors refresh their inventories, Xur is visiting the Tower (and what is selling) or what kind of Special Limited Time Events are happening right now.

The Alliance

G.A.N. (Guardian Alliance Network) - It's a system of notification alerts based on Guardians feedback in Real Time. It allows you to receive an alert as soon it has been reported by other users.

Xur, Special Events and News

Vendor Inventory Refresh times, Special Events Countdown and The Hub News Lounge.

Daily & Weekly

Daily and Weekly informations with modifiers and rewards!

...and it's free!

Get it today, for iOS and Android!